Board of Directors

Larry Roper – President
Elected to board: July 2011
Occupation: Professor at the School of Language, Culture & Society, Oregon State University

Larry believes there are many young people in our community who are at-risk and badly in need of support and encouragement. “I hope through my involvement with Jackson Street that I can contribute to strengthening the network of support available to youth in Benton and Linn Counties.”

Kate Conolly – Vice President
Elected to board: January 2013
Occupation: United Methodist clergy; currently serving as pastor of Albany First United Methodist Church

Jackson Street is the result of tenacious and caring folks who saw a tremendous need in Linn and Benton counties and visualized a safe and nurturing environment for homeless and at-risk youth. “I feel privileged to join with others in this vital work,” says Kate. “I want to do what I can to support the current work of Jackson Street and to work for the day when we can provide a shelter in Albany as well.”

Wendy Peterman – Secretary
Elected to board: January 2013
Occupation: Soil Scientist/GIS Analyst, Conservation Biology Institute

Wendy says, “So many of us have come from situations where our families struggled financially and psychologically, and it only took the kindness of one community member or role model in our lives to find our talents and skills and point us in a positive direction. Youth are vital to our future and caring, supportive adults are priceless when it comes to guiding and motivating kids who are struggling to find their way. This is why I support the work of Jackson Street Youth Shelter.”

Alicia Moselle — Treasurer
Elected to board: January 2014
Occupation: Business Lender at Central Willamette Credit Union

Alicia’s interest in Jackson Street Youth Shelter comes from a desire to help youth open their eyes to positive opportunities in their lives and their communities.

Catherine Fisher
Elected to board: January 2013
Occupation: Owner & Managing Principal Broker of Town & Country Realty

Catherine believes there is so much potential in kids and that we need to do everything we can to help kids in bad situations have the opportunity to reach their true potential. Through caring, structured interactions with positive role models, and a safe place to explore possibilities, we can help these youth learn important life skills, become more self-confident, identify opportunities, and become more than their situation would otherwise dictate.

Sarah Groteluschen
Elected to board: January 2017
Occupation: Management Consultant at Deloitte

During college, Sarah helped at-risk youth overcome their personal circumstances to achieve success in school. She believes that in order to provide positive contributions to society, our youth need to know and feel that people in the world care about them and are here to help them. Jackson Street helps the youth it serves by connecting them with people who care and providing them access to the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

Rita Hamann
Elected to board: August 2011
Occupation: Instructional Assistant

Rita comes with a passion for youth and has volunteered as a mentor in Astoria, Oregon, and for Jackson Street. She’s also been a SMART reader and chaired the Board for the Clatsop County Women’s Resource Center for three years. Additionally, she was a part-time office manager for Lutheran Community Services NW, and has worked with high school youth in the various churches she’s attended. “Children are our present and future, and deserve a life of learning, growing, happiness, and love,” Rita says.

Gary Lasater
Elected to board: January 2017
Occupation: Retired Youth Worker

During Gary’s Career, he served as a juvenile probation officer, juvenile court director, homeless family shelter director, and mental health trainer for Oregon Youth Authority. He believes all youth can be successful if given the right skills and positive support. Gary absolutely believes in the concept of Positive Human Development.

Carrie Thompson
Elected to board: April 2015
Occupation: Retired teacher; substitute teacher

After spending a short time with the Aspire program, Carrie learned that many youths in our area are facing adverse situations prohibiting them from reaching their potential. She says, “I also became aware of Jackson Street and learned more about the mission, staff, and people in the organization. The caring and knowledgeable staff is providing opportunities for our youth to reach their potential and become successful people. I am grateful to be part of the mission to end youth homelessness in our area. Youth are our future!”

Joann Zimmer
Elected to board: January 2013
Occupation: Beyond-the-Box Strategies, LLC

Joann’s involvement with Jackson Street began years ago as a committee member framing efforts to bring a youth shelter to Linn County; from 2010 through 2012 she worked part-time for Jackson Street specifically involved in the Linn County Project to bring both shelter and youth outreach support to Albany. While working in community action through the last 16 years and volunteering on both Linn and Benton counties’ citizen review boards for children in foster care, Joann’s interest and concern for homeless and at-risk youth have been solid, consistent, and full of hope. She believes that by providing positive and compassionate support now in their growing years, our most vulnerable youth have a terrific shot at bright futures as strong members of the greater community.

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